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Engine Input Rotation

Generally the TMP Type 12000 Gearboxes are fitted to engines which have a Righthand Rotation, (this is where the engine turns clockwise looking at the front of the engine.) But there are exceptions such as on Ruston Hornsby and Coventry engines where the flywheel is at the front of the engine. ( Gearbox ID starts "21"). On these versions the gearbox oil pump runs the opposite way. The gearboxes are not interchangeable unless one fits the correct oil pump.

Gearbox Output Rotation.

A Direct Drive Gearbox turns the propeller as engine rotation.

A 2 pinion Reduction Box turns the propeller the opposite way to the engine rotation.

A 3 Pinion Reduction Gearbox turns the propeller as engine rotation.

Gearbox Control Lever.

Irrespective of the Engine or Gearbox Rotation the control lever works in direction of SENSE, ... The lever on the control valve goes forward for forwards and backwards for backwards.

If your boat goes forward with the control lever pointing aft...YOU HAVE THE WRONG HAND PROP.

The gearbox will not run in reverse continually.