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OIL :-

Use good quality Engine Lubrication Oil in both the Main and Reduction sections of the unit.

The Main box holds approx 2.5 pints, the Reduction 0.75 pints.

A Multigrade Oil which spans 20 grade is OK. ( eg ..10/40 ..20/50 ).

The Main Box Drain Plug is located just aft of the Bellhousing . Refer Fig 2 Ref 2.37 in the Spare Parts Index.

The Reduction Box is a separate oil compartment and is filled via a Plug and the level checked via the level plug . Refer to picture.

The Offset Reduction Box Drain Plug is located directly beneath the Filler Plug.

AVOID OVER FILLING....It causes over-heating. (And makes a mess.)


The Operating Oil pressure is set at 90/100 psi ( 6 Bar). A box in good order should achieve this at Tick-over revs. Neutral pressure is in the order of 40/70psi .

Oil pressure gauges should be attached into the end of the Control Valve. Refer Fig 2 Ref 2.19 in the Spare Parts Index. The gauge should read up to 150 psi.